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Helmet battery solution

Time: 2022-06-21 08:34:15

The technological progress of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries mainly comes from the development of innovative research and application of key battery materials. The development of new materials will further improve battery performance, improve quality, reduce costs, and improve safety. In order to meet the requirements of downstream applications for the improvement of battery specific energy, on the one hand, materials with high specific capacity can be used, on the other hand, high-voltage materials can be used by increasing the charging voltage.

Cylindrical lithium-ion batteries have evolved from 14,500 to Tesla 21700 batteries. In the near and mid-term development, while optimizing the existing system of lithium-ion power battery technology to meet the needs of large-scale development of new energy vehicles, to develop new types of lithium-ion power batteries Focus on improving key technologies such as safety, consistency, and longevity, and simultaneously carry out forward-looking research and development of new system power batteries.

For the mid- to long-term development of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, while continuing to optimize and upgrade new-type lithium-ion power batteries, focus on research and development of new-system power batteries, which significantly increase specific energy and greatly reduce costs, so as to realize the practical and large-scale power batteries of the new system. application.