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The Best Electric Toy Battery Suppliers: HI-CHIPCOM

Time: 2023-03-17 09:17:45

What exactly does an Electric toy Battery mean?

  • The simplicity and safety of electric toy batteries are causing them to grow in popularity. Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, they have many benefits, such as a longer lifespan, quicker charging times, and lower prices. Moreover, since they don't contain any dangerous substances, electric toy batteries are more environmentally friendly.
  • In order to power toys without using wires and plugs, electric toy batteries are a fantastic option. Both parents and kids can benefit from these batteries' increased safety, comfort, and cost-effectiveness.

What are the features of an electric toy battery?

  • Quality Control: 

Use UL1642 as the benchmark for testing. And every product will pass testing on the finished product in full. A year from the date of delivery, batteries are covered under warranty.

  • Extended cycle life:

The battery capacity is at least 80% after more than 500 cycles of continuous charging and draining.

  • Stable operation:

The power output is consistent and long-lasting, making ensuring that use does not impede the user's experience.

  • Superior Battery Cells:

Our battery capacity is accurate and unpretentious. It guarantees proper utilization of both high and low temperatures.

  • Wires and Connectors:

We will also give you wires and connectors (models SM, XH, etc.) if necessary.

Who provides the batteries for the electric toys?

  • We have been a reputable battery producer for more than 18 years. HI-CHIPCOM provides solutions (including designing, producing, testing, certifying, and delivering batteries) and will provide you with appropriate advice on your battery requirements. We will offer no-cost pre-and post-sales services. 
electric toy battery suppliers
  • After you get the products, the one-year guarantee period begins. Before delivery, our stringent QA staff ensures we fulfill our commitments at the time of battery manufacture. Our batteries' capacity is genuine, and you could even discover that while it isn't as "high" as our rivals, it lasts longer and has a longer lifespan.
  • High-quality goods and dependable customer service are offered by HI-CHIPCOM, which is the electric toy battery suppliers. They specialize in offering secure and effective battery solutions for all kinds of electric toys. They are a dependable partner for many electric toy producers thanks to their commitment to safety and dependable customer service.
  • In order to satisfy the demands of its clients, the electric toy battery provider HI-CHIPCOM provides a vast array of goods and services. The business sells high-quality batteries with a range of characteristics, including energy efficiency, long-lasting performance, and safety features.
  • The Electric Toy Battery has a large capacity, extended battery life, and can be recycled thousands of times. It will provide you with a longer battery life.

How much do you know about electric toy battery safety and safety precautions?

  • Researchers have put forth several safety solutions to address battery safety concerns. Battery protection circuit adoption is the most often practiced safety precaution among them.
  • A protective precaution that is actively implemented is the battery protection circuit. In order to prevent safety issues like short circuits, overcharging, and over-discharging of the battery, it continuously monitors and regulates the voltage, current, temperature, and other battery-related data. 
  • The battery's safety can also be guaranteed by using passive protection techniques like explosion-proof devices. An explosion-proof device is a safety precaution that may automatically cut off the circuit when the internal pressure of the battery increases in order to prevent safety occurrences like battery explosion.
  • Electric toy Battery safety may be increased by material advancement in addition to safeguards like explosion-proof devices and protective circuits. In order to increase the stability and safety of batteries, researchers have recently produced several advancements in battery materials, including the use of solid electrolyte materials, high-temperature materials, etc.
  • Procedures like explosion-proof devices and protective circuits currently ensure the safety of electric toy batteries. The safety of batteries will be more thoroughly and deeply ensured in the future, thanks to the ongoing development of battery technology.

HI-CHIPCOM has consistently emphasized its commitment to high quality, everything for the client:

  • HI-CHIPCOM has always insisted on "the dedication to superior quality, never-ending; everything for the customer, wholeheartedly." With cutting-edge manufacturing and testing equipment, a scientific quality testing system, and a strong R&D team, along with high-quality employees, an excellent management method, and an ISO9001:2008 quality control system, we guarantee to meet your needs and earn your trust with excellent quality, good service, and very competitive prices.
  • A powerful R&D staff, cutting-edge testing and production tools, and a quality assurance system are all available at Haizhitong. Moreover, we have a top-notch management team, an ISO 9001: 2008 quality control system, and highly qualified workers. We promise to satisfy your demands with great quality, superior service, and reasonable pricing in order to earn your confidence.
  • The goods have increased from the assembly of completed batteries to the manufacture of batteries. Haizhitong invested USD 5 million in 2008 to set up a cutting-edge polymer production facility. We now have a 36 million lithium-ion battery production capability. All goods have received the RoHS, UL, and CE export certifications, and their all-around capabilities are on par with those of sophisticated domestic items.
  • Products are widely utilized in a variety of industries, including those involving communication, wireless technology, digital devices, e-learning, toys, lighting, and other areas.


For over 19 years, HI-CHIPCOM, the electric toy battery supplier, has offered consumers dependable and secure battery options. A wide variety of products from HI-CHIPCOM are available to meet the demands of every customer, with an emphasis on innovation and quality. A high-tech battery business with a concentration on independent R&D, manufacturing, and sales of lithium-ion batteries is Shenzhen Haizhitong. It is expert because of its focus. The electric toy battery providers at HI-CHIPCOM offer a wide variety of inexpensive, kid-safe batteries. You can immediately get your toys up and running since they are dependable and provide swift delivery.