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Harness the Power of AR Glasses Polymer Battery

Time: 2023-05-10 09:15:16

What exactly are AR glass polymer batteries?

"AR glasses" refers to augmented reality glasses, wearable gadgets that show digital data or pictures virtually layered on the actual world. A polymer battery, commonly called a Li-polymer battery, is a rechargeable battery constructed using a polymer electrolyte rather than a liquid electrolyte. These batteries are lighter and more flexible than conventional lithium-ion batteries, offering greater energy density. A polymer battery could power the device. It is more suited for wearable electronics than other battery types since it is more flexible and lightweight. The geometry of the glasses might also be moulded into a polymer battery to provide a more streamlined design.

The features of AR glasses polymer battery

The following features of AR glasses polymer battery are given below:

  • Size, model, and capacity can be changed:
  • UL1642 testing standards have been adopted, and the goods have passed both the material and equipment testing with 100% accuracy.
  • Stable operation and long cycle life: The battery capacity is at least 80% of the specified capacity after 500 cycles of nonstop charging and discharging.
  • Under short circuits, overcharge, over-discharge, impact, vibration, acupuncture, high temperature, and other circumstances, the built-in circuit protection board exhibits the properties of no fire or explosion. The polymer battery cells in all of our 18650 batteries employ colloidal electricity, which will only sometimes bulge but won't explode, and all of our 18650 batteries include explosion-proof valves. In order to guarantee the quality and safety of our products, our business also follows a thorough quality inspection procedure.

Applications for the AR glasses polymer battery:

Bluetooth headset, smart wear, pos machine, mobile power, learning machine tablet, car navigation, MP3, MP4, MP5, the speaker, wireless mouse, mobile phone, display, PSP, Apple peripheral power supply, tablet, mobile devices DVD, laptop batteries, wireless monitoring machinery, various tools, traffic signs, minor portable applications for the home, various DIY instruments, metal detectors, and others.

The Beneficial Effects of Polymer Batteries in AR Glasses:

Lithium-polymer batteries, commonly referred to as polymer batteries, are rechargeable batteries with various advantages for usage in augmented reality (AR) glasses. Among the principal benefits are:

  • Flexibility: 

Polymer batteries can easily bend to fit the contour of the user's head, making them the perfect choice for AR glasses. They may be produced in various sizes and forms, enhancing design versatility.

  • Lightweight:

 Since polymer batteries are less heavy than conventional lithium-ion batteries, they can help lighten the AR glasses' overall weight. This is crucial for AR glasses since they are worn on the head and must be pleasant for long periods.

  • Higher energy density: 

Polymer batteries are gifted extra stock energy in a given quantity of area, appreciating their higher energy density than conventional Li-ion batteries. This is crucial for AR glasses, which must be portable and have a long battery life.

  • Safety: 

Due to their lower propensity for swelling and overheating, polymer batteries are typically considered safer than conventional lithium-ion batteries. This lowers the possibility of the battery blowing up or igniting, which is crucial for wearable technology worn near the body.

  • Environmental impact:

 Because polymer batteries don't include harmful substances like cobalt, they are more ecologically friendly than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Because they don't require as much processing as other types of batteries, they are also simpler to recycle.

Utilize a Polymer Battery to Harness the Power of AR Glasses:

  • Glasses that display augmented reality (AR) have the potential to change how we interact with our surroundings completely. A polymer battery can significantly help in this situation. In place of a liquid or gel electrolyte, polymer batteries, commonly called lithium-polymer batteries, employ a solid polymer electrolyte. They are superior to conventional lithium-ion batteries in several ways, including leakage risk and energy density.
  • You can extend AR glasses' battery life and lessen the charging frequency by utilizing polymer batteries. This is crucial for AR glasses since they need much processing power and data transport to work effectively. The AR glasses polymer battery can be powered for extended periods using a polymer battery, making them more useful for daily usage. A polymer battery may also be thin and flexible, making it perfect for AR glasses. This makes it possible to insert the battery into the glasses' frame without significantly increasing their weight or volume. As a result, using the glasses is easier and more pleasant.

HI-Chipcom is the leading manufacturer of AR glasses polymer batteries:

  • Best customer service possible:

 Our focus on customer service is key to the company's success. Customers may seek assistance from a team of highly trained and competent customer service representatives at the company with any questions or problems they might have. HiChipcom further offers support services, including installation, training, ongoing maintenance, and support, to ensure that our clients can fully benefit from their products.

  • Deliver high-quality products: 

We are committed to both quality and innovation but place a heavier emphasis on the former. The company makes great efforts in research and development in order to keep ahead of market trends and produce new products that satisfy its customers' shifting wants. HiChipcom routinely sets the standard for new payment industry trends and technologies as a consequence, giving its clients access to the most advanced and effective solutions.


Glasses that display augmented reality (AR) significantly influence our lives, and technology is constantly improving. Users may now take advantage of enhanced mobility and longer-lasting battery life thanks to the development of polymer batteries. The benefits of AR glasses polymer battery include reduced weight, higher energy density, and enhanced safety. The tools we employ advance along with technology. Dedicated to independent lithium-ion battery R&D, manufacturing, and sales, Shenzhen Haizhitong is a high-tech battery firm. It is professional because of its concentration. Hi-Chipcom goods have received the RoHS, UL, and CE export certifications, and their all-around capabilities are on par with those of sophisticated domestic items.